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Automatic C/Z purlin roll forming machine

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Automatic C/Z purlin roll forming machine

Automatic C/Z purlin roll forming machine

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Product brief description



Input width:according to the drawings

Effective width:according to the drawings

material: GI strips

2Power supply380V, 50Hz, 3 phase
3Capacity of power

main power:18.5kw

hydraulic power:5.5kw

4SpeedLine speed:18-20m/min with punching
5Total weightApprox. 12Ton
6DimensionApprox.(L*W*H)for roll forming machine: 11.5m*1.6m*1.4m
7Stands of rollers15 rollers
8Cut styleUniversal cut

Product details description

5 tons manual decoiler

Straighten device

Two motors to adjustable coils width

Hydraulic Holes device

3 sets of punching devices with high precision,automatic size adjusted

Hydraulic Pre-cut device

Save materials

Main roll forming machine

You can choose manual or automatic change C and Z purlin

All-size-in-one cut system

Control system PLC

Product parameters table

5 tons manual de-coilerInner dia: Ø440mm– Ø560mm Max input feeding: 600mm coil outer diameter max 1500 mm
Straighten device Two motors to adjustable coils width7 rollers for straighten 3 up and 4 down.
Hydraulic Holes device

Standard holes: 2 double holes and 1 single hole

Each punching cylinder control each 2 holes for sides or single hole in the middle

Distance flexible: a channel for the holes, the distance can operate by manual Hole size flexible: to change the punching dies to change the size. The width distance between holes adjustable manual .it can't control by PLC.

The length distance between holes ,it can adjust by PLC.

Hydraulic Pre-cut deviceHydraulic Power, driven with gear
Main roll forming machine

Main power: 18.5kw 6 electronic motors auto adjust size.

Frame:500mm H frame steel Forming speed: 18-20m/min

Shaft material and diameters: #45 steel and fit side 65mm.

Flexible side: 85mm Roller material: Gcr15. the hardness is HRC 52-55 Steps: 15 steps for forming All size change by PLC.

All parameter set from the PLC control system C/Z change, by manual change the rollers discretion

Machine size: L*W*H 11.5m*1.6m*1.4m (approx size. correct size will be known when machine ready)

Machine weight about 12Tons

Voltage: 380V/ 3phase/ 50 Hz(as customer require )

Driven way:Chain

All-size-in-one cut systemHydraulic cutting system Material: Gcr12mov. All size in one blade
Control system PLCControl the quality&punching length &cutting length automatically In English language The machine will be stopped while it is punching and cutting PLC must be able to keep in memory which profiles are inside machine even after the machine stopped Automatic length measures and quantity counting. Program batches with different profile lengths with no waste Size of PLC about 700(L)*1000(H)*300(W) Encode: OMRON PLC : KAUTO (now auto adjust size only this brand)  Solenoid valve: YUKEN (TAIWAN) Frequency converter: DELTA   Touch screen :WEINVIEW (TAIWAN) All connections to the machine and to PLC control Board are strong


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