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Stud and track roll forming machine

Stud and track roll forming machine

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Product brief description


1. Thickness:0.5mm

2. Input width:According to the drawing

3. Material:Galvanized strip coil

2Power supply380V,50Hz, 3Phase
3Capacity of power

1. Main power:11kw

2. Hydraulic power:3kw

4SpeedForming speed:About 0-70m/min. With punching, the speed is 0-40m/min.
5Total weightApprox. About 4Ton
6DimensionApprox.(L*W*H)About 4900*1100*1400mm
7Cut styleServo motor, no stop cutting

Product details description

1. 3 tons double head decoiler(hydraulic as optional) uncoils the steel strip.

2. Forming part: Both sides of the strip are folded.Driven by integrated gearbox, low noise, Automatically adjust base size by PLC.

3. Punching device:It can punch strip.Four punching stations can work independently, and line speed is 70m/min with punching.


4. Cutting part:servo motor ,no stop cutting.

5. Products are automatically packaged after production is completed, with a high degree of automation.automatic packing machine for different sizes.

Product parameters table

DecoilerCapacity:3 tons manual de-coiler
Feeding guide systemInput width adjustable
Mainly forming system

Main power: 11kw Torrist stand:

Standing plate with iron casting

Frame: All steel plate for machine body

Forming speed: No stop cutting, all speed is 0-70m/min.

With punching, the speed is 40m/min.

Shaft material and diameters: #45 steel and 50mm

Roller material: CR12 with well heat treatment, 58-62

Forming Steps: About 14 steps for forming

Driven: Gear box

Cutting servo motor control without stop

Servo follow cutting, caterpillar sliding with 1.9m guide

Oil add: Automatic

Material: CR12

Servo MotorPower: 2.2kw

Hydraulic station: 3KW

Receiving tableHydraulic auto folder receiving table
PLC control system

Voltage, Frequency, Phase: 380V 50HZ 3PH

Automatic length measurement

Automatic quantity measurement

Computer used to control length & quantity.

Length inaccuracy can be amended easily

Control panel: Button-type switch and touch screen

Unit of length: Millimeter (switched on the control panel)


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