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T-grid Production Lines

Mar 18, 2024

T grid total need 3 lines, main tee, cross tee and wall angle.

Now we have some updated on the technical process of the machine. Speed we improve to 40m/min.

Main tee: one time can produce one pieces. 12 sets of punching stations working together.

Cross tee: For 1220mm cross tee, one time can produce 2 pieces. 5 sets of punching stations working together. For 610mm cross tee, one time can produce 4 pieces, 5 sets of punching station working together. 1220mm and 610mm, can working in one machine.

Wall angle: speed can be 40m/min

Customized T-grid production lines are essential for the manufacturing of T-shaped rails that are used in suspended ceilings. These production lines help businesses improve their production efficiency and output.benefits of purchasing customized T-grid production lines from reliable suppliers in China, including affordable prices and quality products.

One of the significant advantages of buying customized T-grid production lines from suppliers in China is their affordable prices. Chinese suppliers offer highly competitive prices for customized T-grid production lines. The cost is lower due to the mass production of machines. Moreover, buying in bulk enables businesses to enjoy even lower prices. This helps to save money for businesses, and the savings can be utilized for business growth and expansion.

Apart from affordable prices, the quality of customized T-grid production lines from Chinese suppliers cannot be overlooked. Chinese suppliers are known for producing high-quality and durable production lines made from heavy-duty materials. They have streamlined manufacturing processes and strict quality control measures, ensuring that every piece of machinery produced is top-notch, reliable, and of consistent quality. As a result, businesses can expect value for their money from Chinese suppliers of T-grid production line products.

T-grid production line suppliers in China also offer a wide range of products for businesses to choose from. They offer different models and designs of customized T-grid production lines based on buyers' specifications. The custom-made production lines can cater to various sizes of T-grids rails, thus providing customers with the flexibility they need to meet specific business needs.

A key benefit of buying customized T-grid production lines from Chinese suppliers is their exceptional customer support. The suppliers provide reliable pre-sales, sales, and after-sales support services, with professional customer service that assists in resolving any technical issues with the production line. This ensures that businesses can focus on their daily operations with greater peace of mind, knowing that their production line investments are backed by top-tier support.

Lastly, Chinese suppliers can customize T-grid production lines to meet specific needs or requirements. Whether it is for automation or customization of the production line, the suppliers can modify it to fit client specifications. This flexibility allows businesses to expand their operations with streamlined production lines that cater to their unique needs.

Customized T-grid production lines from Chinese suppliers are affordable and of high quality. Their products offer a wide selection, excellent customer support, and customization options, meaning buyers can personalize and optimize manufacturing processes according to their specific needs. Chinese suppliers of T-grid production line products provide reliable and efficient service to businesses, making it easy for them to acquire the high-quality machinery they need to manufacture T-grid rails.